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Tue Feb 15 04:10:38 CET 2011

Andrea Crotti <andrea.crotti.0 at> writes:

> I work on emacs with flymake activated and pylint, pyflakes and pep8
> running in background to notify for some style problems.
> Now there are at a couple of pylint warnings which I don't understand
> 1. Warning (W, filter_enums): Used builtin function 'map' [2 times]
> what is the problem with using map and other builtin functions?

The ‘map’ builtin is deprecated; using a list comprehension is neater
and more efficient.

> 2. Warning (W): Relative import 'parameters', should be 'othermodule.parameters'
> if I am in the same directory why should I do a relative import, does
> it make any difference?

It makes the code unnecessarily ambiguous; the person reading the code
can't tell that it's a relative import.

> I think it's more clear/safe to just import the 'parameters', am I
> wrong?

You can use the explicit relative import syntax (I don't know if that
satisfies ‘pylint’).

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