generating .zip including file in top root using distutils

alain.spineux alain.spineux at
Tue Feb 15 10:45:29 CET 2011

I answer myself to put my question on top of the list again.

On Feb 12, 7:47 pm, aspineux <aspin... at> wrote:
> Python 2.6 can run a zip file, searching for in the root
> of the zip archive and running it.
> How can I create such an archive using distutils (and not
> setuptools) ?
> If I use
> # python bdist --format=zip
> I get a "dumb" zip file with a deep tree structure from "/" and I
> cannot put the in the root archive
> If I use
> # python sdist --format=zip
> I get a more compact tree. But the tree start bellow directory named
> "mypackage-version",
> my-package-1.0/
>   ........
> If I use setuptool, generating .EGG I get exacly what I want !
> But I read it is bad to use setuptool and EGGs since pip is
> available :-)
> I was hopping distutils have been updated when adding the zip trick,
> but I didn't find the trick.
> Help

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