unicode shutil.copy() changes a file name during copy?

dave anbaricforce at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 13:28:43 EST 2011

i don't see an "active python 3.2" i see "3.1" and "Many 3rd-party
modules and extensions that you may depend upon may not yet be
available for Python 3. As a result you may want to continue to use
Python 2 for the time being".  and i depend on some 3rd party modules.

no i really think it's something like:

string = string.decode('latin_1').endocde('utf8') or something.  i
just don't know what's expected.  i've tried various flavors but can't
figure it out.  it's very easy to test it yourself, just make a file
with the section symbol in it, then try to copy it with python 2.7.1

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