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> > > hey, does anyone find the UML useful during Python development of larger
> > > projects?
> >
> > Well, UML being very Java/C++ oriented, I found out that Python idioms
> > were really difficult to represent in the diagrams. So I'm using it to a
> > very small extent and for documentation only, just to give an idea about
> > how classes are organized. For the rest, and IMHO, it's really too
> > impractical to be of any use.
> Which of the 13 diagrams have tried and rejected?-)

Diagrams that aren't too bound to the language like e.g the deployment 
diagram can still be used, of course. I was mainly talking about the 
class diagram, which is still the central point of a model. But I even 
found sequence diagrams quite hard to write for Python, unless they are 
very simplistic ones.

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