Python Newbie needs some context

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Wed Feb 16 14:45:12 EST 2011

On 2011-02-16, Fred Marshall <fmarshallxremove_the_x at> wrote:

> I can already program in a few languages 

That should make things easy.

> (but not C++)

That should help even more

> and, since Python comes to highly recommended, I figured to venture
> into it.
> I'm used to using an IDE.
> So, after some web browsing and reading, I did the following:
> Installed Python
> Installed EasyEclipse
> Installed wxPython
> Installed wxGlade
> My objective is to develop some relatively simple GUI applications.

I wouldn't start with GUI development _unless_ you're already pretty
experienced with the particular GUI framework (e.g. wxWindows &

> Since I'm still on a steep learning curve with all these things I'm
> clearly missing some of the structural context and wonder where would
> be really good places to read about:
> 1) Is it the intent to generate code with wxGlade and then rather 
>    "import" that code into an Eclipse project context?  Or, should
>    one expect to be able to create hooks (e.g. for Tools) in Eclipse
>    that will do that?  If so, how?
> 2) I'm finding the Eclipse terminology re: projects, folders, etc.
>    etc.  rather obscure.  Where can I learn about "good practice" and
>    these things.  I know what cvs is but won't likely be using it.
>    That is, which item in the hierarchy is best used for what?

If I were you I wouldn't try to learn Python, wxWindows, wxGlade, and
Eclipse all at the same time.  Both wxWindows and Eclipse are huge,
complex beasts.  Add a new language plus wxGlade on top of that, and
you're in for a long, hard, frustrating slog.

I'd pick a simple IDE or syntax aware editor and learn Python first
(without GUI stuff).

Once you're comfortable with Python and the IDE, then try to learn
wxWindows and wxGlade.

If you really want to jump into GUI stuff right away, tkinter is much
easier to get started with.

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