interfacing python with emacs

Andrea Crotti andrea.crotti.0 at
Wed Feb 16 15:20:53 EST 2011

I decided that I finally want to get auto-completion and other really cool things for my python/emacs environment.

Rope also looks really great and being able to refactor easily would really be a dream :) (no more excuses from java developers then)

Pymacs is already there and working, but it gives me many concerns, so I would like to rewrite something simple and small.

Should not be too hard, I just need a server on the python side and a small protocol.
So here it comes the first question, how would you make them communicate?

In Pymacs was just read and write from stdin/out, but maybe there are better ways.
Probably a pipe would be more suited, and maybe even sockets would be nice.

But considering how it should be used maybe it doesn't help so much.

And what about the protocol? What could be a minimal useful set of operations to do?
In the beginning I'll just evaluate python code and get the output, but eventually I want to be able to call python functions as they were elisp functions, which is the main goal.

As soon as there is something working I'll publish it on github, so that anyone interested can help/criticize...

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