unicode shutil.copy() changes a file name during copy?

dave anbaricforce at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 15:27:18 EST 2011

ah! an interesting point! hmm yes when i'm running parallels, both the
source and destination are sortof "Network Drive"'s, they're actually
my native mac drives (file system reported as "PrlSF").  In this
situation all works well.  the reported getfilesystemencoding() is
'mbcs' which is a convenient lie according to the python docs: "On
Windows NT+, file names are Unicode natively, so no conversion is
performed. getfilesystemencoding() still returns 'mbcs', as this is
the encoding that applications should use when they explicitly want to
convert Unicode strings to byte strings that are equivalent when used
as file names".

when i run natively, the drive is NOT a network drive, it is my mac
drive supported by "MacDrive" and the file system is reported as
"HFSJ".  it seems the getfilesystemencoding() should take a drive
letter as a parameter cuz the encoding can be different per drive?
maybe?  but now i think perhaps the problem is with MacDrive?  but it
works flawlessly with all other software. hmmm.

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