Best way to gain root privileges

Alexander Kapps alex.kapps at
Wed Feb 16 19:47:10 EST 2011

On 17.02.2011 01:00, GSO wrote:
> OK, thanks for the tips.
> gksu* does not seem to be included with RHEL6 Desktop (though there is
> a package called beesu)

On RHEL try consolehelper/userhelper instead which need additional 

> The philosophy at the end of the day I think
> is do your own thing so a hacker cannot download the code you used.

Nonsense. :-)
Real crackers don't need to download your source and home-brewed 
solutions are almost always the wrong solution for security issues 
(compare: better write your own cryptographic algorithm or use 
existing ones, even those who are open source?)

If public accessible source code would be a security risk, then 
Linux would be *the* most vulnerable OS ever.

Anyway, if you're really that much concerned about security, than 
drop the whole idea and do not let non-admins perform that job. Or, 
see if SElinux can help.

> Having said that I'm possibly arriving at the conclusion that a quick
> perl script might be the simplest/easiest and most secure option - I
> read perl includes code to safely run suid perl scripts - will dig out
> my perl tomes.

Not sure, but Perl is just another "scripting language" (hate that 
term) and you cannot have scripts be SUID.

I have almost no experiences with Perl, but I really doubt, that the 
general problem would be solved with it.

Perhaps explaining your exact situation would help finding a fitting 


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