Best way to gain root privileges

Adam Skutt askutt at
Thu Feb 17 13:43:15 CET 2011

On Feb 16, 10:43 pm, GSO <gso... at> wrote:
> OK, so I'm heading towards sudo then, aiming to make sure I don't
> screw up the configuration.  This is a home CCTV application, so I
> want things as secure as possible.  A setgid wrapper would require the
> kind of skilled programming that I couldn't do myself in order to keep
> things at a high level of security, but sudo I can handle.

I'm having a awfully hard time figuring out why a home CCTV
application might need privilege at all.  Are you sure you really need
privilege?  It sounds to me like there may be some larger design
issues mandating the need for privilege when it's not really


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