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Il giorno 17/feb/2011, alle ore 16.14, andrea crotti ha scritto:

> Not ready yet but the structure of the python and elisp files is more or less there:
> git://
> Feel welcome for any comments/hints.
> About the communication between the processes I think I'll use stdin/out too, since it comes quite natural using emacs sub-processes.
> At the moment I'm only reading a line at a time, but probably I should send an EOF somehow from the emacs side, and then I could simply use read() every time on stdin.

Changed name due to a clash (and before I didn't give the right url)

I'll update news here whenever it's really testable.
Quick question, is it correct to load dynamically modules like this?

    def handle_load(self, mod):
            info = imp.find_module(mod)
        except ImportError:
            self.send("module not found")
            imp.load_module(mod, *info)

And in the "imp" module it says
"    This module provides the components needed to build your own
    __import__ function.  Undocumented functions are obsolete."

Isn't there a better way (a warning when called) to inform that something is obsolete?

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