Best way to gain root privileges

GSO gsowww at
Thu Feb 17 23:01:31 CET 2011

> Come to think of it, I would first consider creating a 'cctv' user that owns
> the cameras and storage directories, and files and only do anything as root
> if absolutely necessary.

You can run 'sudo -g [group] ...', so no need to go near root.

> Running any kind of script sudo'd is a bad idea, it's very very hard
> (in many cases impossible) to do securely. Root permissions in general
> should only be used for what they're needed for and nothing else (that
> means getting the permission, doing the stuff that needs to be done as
> root, and then returning back to normal privs), anything else is just
> asking for trouble.

If you can do what you need to do with a dedicated group for the
task/program (as above) then hopefully this would not be such an
insecure approach?  Better than asking for the admin. login possibly

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