Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages

Chris Jones cjns1989 at
Thu Feb 17 22:28:23 EST 2011

On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 09:55:47PM EST, Cor Gest wrote:
> Some entity, AKA Cthun <cthun_117 at>,


> > And you omitted the #1 most serious objection to Xah's proposal,
> > rantingrick, which is that to implement it would require unrealistic
> > things such as replacing every 101-key keyboard with 10001-key
> > keyboards and training everyone to use them. Xah would have us all
> > replace our workstations with machines that resemble pipe organs,
> > rantingrick, or perhaps the cockpits of the three surviving Space
> > Shuttles. No doubt they'd be enormously expensive, as well as much
> > more difficult to learn to use, rantingrick.

> At least it should try to mimick a space-cadet keyboard, shouldn't it? 

Implementation details, and not very accurate at that.. the APL keyboard
has not additional keys and yet it has the potential to add up to 100
additional symbols to the US-ASCII keyboard, half of which are produced
via a single modifier.. same as upper-case letters. So unless more than
50+20 = 70 symbols are needed the keyboard conversion would cost about..
what.. $2.00 in stickers and maybe ten minutes to place them.

Maybe the problem lies elsewhere..?


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