Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages

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> > > What does your aversion to cultural diversity have to do with Lisp,
> > > rantingrick? Gee, I do hope you're not a racist, rantingrick.
> > Why must language be constantly "connected-at-the-hip" to cultural
> > diversity? People have this irrational fear that if we create a single
> > universal language then *somehow* freedom have been violated.
> Because monocultures _die_

You lack vision.

What is evolution?

Evolution is the pursuit of perfection at the expense of anything and
everything! But what evolution lacks is self awareness. Evolution is
really a bumbling idiot. Intelligent agents should not emulate
classical evolution, no, we should mold it and shape it ourselves!
Darwinian evolution is an archaic and slow process which takes eons to
bring about even the smallest changes. However evolution guided by
"intelligent agents" is exponential.

Do you think the earth is anything special? Do you think some talking
monkeys is anything special? Do you think tens of thousands of years
are anything but the blink of an eye? All of what you see and know is
but teeny tiny baby steps in the short life of evolution. The system
has not even made it from the couch to the coffee table yet without
loosing balance and falling on it proverbial buttocks! And you are
concerned with something as small as human cultures and language
diversity! Open your eyes man!

NEWSFLASH: Humans are NOT the prize of the Universe. We are merely a
bump along the way. Stop self aggrandizing for a moment so you can see
reality. That does not mean we cannot contribute great things! But we
are here for a very short time on a galactic scale. Stop being selfish
and realize what you are, who you are, and where you should be going.
Next time you pass an ant hill look down at one the ants and imagine
that the ant is you... then you will *get* it.

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