Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages

rantingrick rantingrick at
Fri Feb 18 06:38:21 CET 2011

When the sun expands into a red giant and destroys the remaining life
left on this pathetic rock and the entire puny human species have been
transcended by the *next* evolution of intelligent agents (hopefully
before going extinct!) do you really think any advanced lifeforms are
going to look back and give a flying fig about the selfishness of the
human species?

"Well they did not give much to evolution, but hey, they had TV's,
Elvis, microwave pizza, and muti-culturalism, woo-hoo!"

*Your* thought process are an evolutionary dead end my friend! All of
what you see and know is nothing in the greater scheme of things. What
do you think, some future anthropologist is going to dig up human
bones like we do with dinosaur bones? Are you insane? Where will you
dig when the earth is non-existent? Where will you start your research
of human civilization when every piece of matter that proved our
existence has been reformed into energy?

All we have at the end of this gigantic game is that which we can
contribute to the *next step* of evolution. The best we can hope for
is to successfully pass the "baton of knowledge" to the next runner.
Nothing we create is going to survive time... NOTHING! Not any
structure, not any system of government, not any selfish human sub-
culture, not any piece of art, not even the entire human culture,

Only one *thing* is immortal, Evolution. And the only way for us to be
immortal is by offering a substantial building block to that system.
Assimilation is the way of the Universe, like it or not.

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