Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages

Xah Lee xahlee at
Fri Feb 18 08:01:45 EST 2011

Chris Jones wrote:
«.. from a quite different perspective it may be worth noting that
practically all programming languages (not to mention the attached
documentation) are based on the English language. And interestingly
enough, most any software of note appears to have come out of cultures
where English is either the native language, or where the native
language is either relatively close to English.. Northern Europe
mostly.. and not to some small extent, countries where English is well-
established as a universal second language, such as India. Always
struck me as odd that a country like Japan for instance, with all its
achievements in the industrial realm, never came up with one single
major piece of software.»

btw, english is one of the two of India's official lang. It's used
between Indians, and i think it's rare or non-existent for a college
in india that uses local dialect. (this is second hand knowledeg. I
learned this in Wikipedia and experience with indian co-workers)

i also wondered about why japan doesn't seems to have created major
software or OS. Though, Ruby is invented in Japan. I do think they
have some OSes just not that popular... i think for special purposes
OSes, they have quite a lot ... from Mitsubishi, NEC, etc... in their
huge robotics industry among others. (again, this is all second hand

... i recall having read non-english comp lang that appeared

Xah Lee

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