Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages

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> >What is evolution?
> >Evolution is the pursuit of perfection at the expense of anything and
> >everything!
> No, evolution is the pursuit of something just barely better than what
> the other guy has.

You fail to see from a larger perspective. You still see through the
eyes of part and not a whole. Each cog that is part of a machine is
just a means to an end. You are attempting to elevate one cog above
all other cogs, heck, you want to elevate one cog above the machine.
You are nothing, and until you accept your nothingness, only then will
you understand your place in the greater game.

> Evolution is about gaining an edge, not gaining
> perfection.

Evolution is about one cog gaining an edge over another, yes. However
the system itself moves toward perfection at the expense of any and
all cogs.

> Perfect is the enemy of good.

No. Perfect is the enemy of YOU. You are not able to be perfect
therefor you claim that perfection is evil to justify your meaningless
existence. And who are YOU to weigh good an evil? What do YOU know
about the Universe that gives you these powers of judgment? Do you
think with your measly 60-100 years of lifetime you can contemplate
the meaning of good and evil in a Universe that has existed for eons?
Get REAL! We only see and know a small fraction of what the Universe
really is. A huge portion of the Universe cannot even be accounted
for. And you parade around like some all-knowing being with all the
answers and full of selfishness and vanity. Ha!

If perfection is evil then what is the pursuit of perfection: AKA:
gaining an edge?

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