Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages

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> > Perfect is the enemy of good.

Do you think that just because something has a negative impact towards
you (or your existence) that the *something* is then evil? Take a
animal for instance: We kill animals for sustenance. The act of
killing the animal is negative from the viewpoint of the animal
however it does not make the killing evil.

Of course if the animal could speak i am sure it will tell you that
you are evil for ending its life. However the animal would be speaking
from a selfish viewpoint. The animal fails to see that the human is
more important than itself in the evolutionary chain. And by consuming
the flesh of the animal the human can continue to evolve more
knowledge. However the animal's life was not in vain for it's flesh
contributed to the life of an intelligent agent who then was able to
further the knowledge base of evolution far beyond what the animal
could have ever achieved!

Likewise *we* as intelligent agents are the tools of an intelligent
evolution. When the human becomes insufficient (from the rise of AI)
then the human will become the consumable. You are like the animal,
not understanding your place in the universe. You fail to see the
Universe from OUTSIDE your *own* selfish interpretation. You cannot
wield the meanings of good and evil from a selfish and naive
interpretation of the Universe. You must look much deeper.

"You are not *something* unless you first realize you are *nothing*."

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