Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages

Nicholas Devenish misnomer at
Sat Feb 19 12:00:59 CET 2011

On 19/02/2011 07:41, Westley Martínez wrote:
> Simply remove 'dvorak-' to get qwerty. It allows you to use the right
> Alt key as AltGr. For example:
> AltGr+' i = í
> AltGr+c = ç
> AltGr+s = ß
> I don't work on Windows or Mac enough to have figured out how to do on
> those platforms, but I'm sure there's a simple way.
> Again, it's the funky symbols that would be difficult to input.

On mac, the acute accent is Alt-e + vowel, so Alt-e i.

This seems to work universally, regardless of gui application or 
terminal. I don't work with X applications enough to know if they work 
there, however.

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