How to use Python well?

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On 19Feb2011 09:10, Westley Mart�nez <anikom15 at> wrote:
| But you can't seriously say that authoring HTML is effective. Sure,
| outputting HTML is fine, but as for writing the source, troff, docbook,
| sphinx, even TeX, etc, is superior to HTML simply because HTML was
| designed for web pages and those others were designed specifically for
| documentation (not TeX, but that's another story). I hate writing HTML,
| it's a pain in the neck.


The basics of HTML (H1, H2, P, I etc) are Very Very closely based on the
[nt]roff -mm macro set. Quite useable, actually, for the basics. The tag
closing etc is a PITA, I agree. Of course, in nroff you'd be going:

  .H1 A Level One Heading
  paragraph blah blah ...

No tedious closing tags there!

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