wxPython in the context of Eclipse

Brendan Simon (eTRIX) brendan.simon at etrix.com.au
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> wxPython in the context of Eclipse
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> Fred Marshall <fmarshallxremove_the_x at acm.org>
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> Sat, 19 Feb 2011 23:22:44 -0800
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> I asked earlier:
> How do I use wxPython or wxGlade in the context of Eclipse?
> A link to a howto would be great!
> I guess nobody knows or cares to answer?

Have you tried the wxPython mailing list.  You will probably have more 
wxPython users to draw upon than this list ;-)

I use Eclipse with wxPython and it works fine.  You need to install the 
Eclipse PyDev module (which I presume you have already done).
If I recall correctly, I had to specify the python interpreter to use.  
It added a whole lot of paths to the PYTHONPATH variable which caused me 
some grief.  I ended up removing them all (or most of them) and it 
worked fine after that.

Cheers, Brendan.

Brendan Simon

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