fastPATX Bison is here! for your speedy and safe web browsing needs!

patx patx44 at
Mon Feb 21 07:28:21 CET 2011

fastPATX 7.0.0 codenamed Bison is now out! You can get it at If you have never tried fastPATX your missing out on the
pinnacle of Python and PyQt4 development. Try it, you'll like it, and maybe
even learn something from it.

It has been awhile since the last fastPATX release, but hopefully this
release will re-spark the tiny fastPATX fan base. In Bison a lot has
changed. The first thing you will notice is that everything is smoother.
Downloads work way better then in previous releases, it is easier to view
the source code of a page, and the interface has been completely redesigned.
We also added tabbed browsing. But we didn’t just add tabbed browsing we
made it fit perfectly into fastPATX so that it looks like it was there from
the beginning.

Note there //is// a screenshot on the site so you can see what has changed,
you will like it. If you have any questions please just email me.
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