[RELEASED] Python 3.2

Peter Otten __peter__ at web.de
Mon Feb 21 08:55:57 CET 2011

Georg Brandl wrote:

> On behalf of the Python development team, I'm delighted to announce
> Python 3.2 final release.

Congratulations for your first as release manager, and a big thank you to 
you and all who contributed to this realease.

> Python 3.2 is a continuation of the efforts to improve and stabilize the
> Python 3.x line.  Since the final release of Python 2.7, the 2.x line
> will only receive bugfixes, and new features are developed for 3.x only.
> Since PEP 3003, the Moratorium on Language Changes, is in effect, there
> are no changes in Python's syntax and built-in types in Python 3.2.
> Development efforts concentrated on the standard library and support for
> porting code to Python 3.  Highlights are:
> * numerous improvements to the unittest module
> * PEP 3147, support for .pyc repository directories
> * PEP 3149, support for version tagged dynamic libraries
> * PEP 3148, a new futures library for concurrent programming
> * PEP 384, a stable ABI for extension modules
> * PEP 391, dictionary-based logging configuration
> * an overhauled GIL implementation that reduces contention
> * an extended email package that handles bytes messages
> * a much improved ssl module with support for SSL contexts and certificate
>   hostname matching
> * a sysconfig module to access configuration information
> * additions to the shutil module, among them archive file support
> * many enhancements to configparser, among them mapping protocol support
> * improvements to pdb, the Python debugger
> * countless fixes regarding bytes/string issues; among them full support
>   for a bytes environment (filenames, environment variables)
> * many consistency and behavior fixes for numeric operations

This is an impressive list. It looks like Python 3 is now ready for mass 
adoption :)

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