Python 3.2

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Mon Feb 21 18:14:13 CET 2011

Rafe Kettler, 21.02.2011 17:30:
> On Feb 21, 10:54 am, Duncan Booth wrote:
>> Georg Brandl<ge... at>  wrote:
>>> Please consider trying Python 3.2 with your code and reporting any bugs
>>> you may notice to:
>> It looks like this release breaks the builtin `input()` function on Windows
>> by leaving a trailing '\r' on the end of the string.
>> Reported as issue 11272:
> Are fixes for these bugs going to wait until the next release (3.2.1 I
> guess)

Yes. That's what "the next release" means.

> or will update as soon as the fixes are available?

You mean: as soon as someone writes a fix?

> I want to know if I should be on the lookout for a better version of 3.2.

Better test now and report any problems you find. (Actually, that's what 
the beta/RC phase was there for, but it's never too late to find a bug.)


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