Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages

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> > You have provided me with some well thought out arguments and have
> > stimulated my young programmer's mind, but I think we're coming from
> > different angles. You seem to come from a more math-minded, idealist
> > angle, while I come from a more practical angle. Being a person who has
> > had to deal with the í in my last name
> What purpose does the í serve in your last name, and how is it different
> from i?

Simple, it does not have a purpose. Well, that is,  except to give the
*impression* that a few pseudo intellectuals have a reason to keep
their worthless tenure at universities world wide. It's window
dressing, and nothing more.

> (I'd have guessed it indicated stress, but it looks Spanish and I thought
> that syllable was stressed anyway.)

The ascii char "i" would suffice. However some languages fell it
necessary to create an ongoing tutorial of the language. Sure French
and Latin can sound "pretty", however if all you seek is "pretty
music" then listen to music. Language should be for communication and
nothing more.

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