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alex23 <wuwei23 at> writes:

> On Feb 22, 12:57 pm, Kelson Zawack <zawack... at>
> wrote:
>> I did not bother to further analyze or benchmark it.  Since the answers
>> in the above forums do not seem very definitive  I thought  I would
>> inquire here about what the reason for this decrease in performance is,
>> and if there is a way, or another data structure, that would avoid this
>> problem.
> The first link is 6 years old and refers to Python 2.4. Unless you're
> using 2.4 you should probably ignore it.
> The first answer on the stackoverflow link was accepted by the poster
> as resolving his issue. Try disabling garbage collection.

I just read which discusses a patch
that has been included 2 years ago. So using a recent Python 2.x also
doesn't have this issue?

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