Execute bit in .tar.gz file produced by distutils

Dan Goodman dg.gmane at thesamovar.net
Tue Feb 22 13:34:42 CET 2011

Hi all,

I have a problem with using distutils and was hoping someone might be 
able to help. The .exe and .zip files work fine - and easy_install uses 
the .zip file by default it seems - but in the .tar.gz file the execute 
bit is not set for any directories meaning a user on linux has to go 
through doing chmod a+x on them all by hand. I produce the files on my 
computer, which is Windows 7, and presumably this is the problem but I'm 
a bit surprised that it doesn't produce a useable .tar.gz file so maybe 
I'm missing something obvious?

The command I run to produce the distribution files is:

setup.py sdist --formats=gztar,zip

The versions I'm running are Python 2.6.2 and distutils 2.6.6.

I did notice that if I run a cygwin bash shell and go to the project 
directory (i.e. /cygdrive/d/...) and run "ls -l" the permissions are set 
the same way as they appear in the .tar.gz file (i.e. execute bit not 
set), but I'm not sure if these values are meaningful because they 
probably don't correspond to any underlying values in the Win 7 file system.

Any help much appreciated!


Dan Goodman

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