Installing dependencies in Windows

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Tue Feb 22 21:01:42 CET 2011

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> Im installing to a Win7 machine, duplicating a CentOS setup. The
> dependences in CentOs for a particular project are:
> easy-install.pth
> ldap
> ldapurl.pyc
> ldapurl.pyo
> libxml2.pyc
> libxml2mod.a
> libxslt.pyc
> libxsltmod.a

> I have easy_install setup in windows. These are the non-egg
> dependencies I need to install in Windows. Where do I get them ? Where
> do I put them? (I assume the .so files will be .dll in Windows, but I
> dont know where to get these, put these) Anyone have a clue on this?
> Thanks.

I got the libxml files from and then
following the Downloads link.  On my local Windows (XP) machine, I
installed them in C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages .

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