How to use Python well?

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Anssi Saari <as at> writes:

> Grant Edwards <invalid at invalid.invalid> writes:
> > I've lost track of how many times I've tried to learn to use the Gnu
> > "info" command and gave up in frustration. I've never seen a program
> > with a more difficult to use UI.
> As I recall, there are other info viewers like tkinfo for example. But
> really, how hard is the basic info? Enter to go down a topic, u or l
> to back, s for search? Seems simple enough for me.

Yes, and non-standard; it ignores the finger-memory of both Vim *and*
Emacs users.

> What's really annoying is when the man page for a program finishes
> with a boilerplate announcement that the info version of the
> documentation is more complete.

With the caveat “If the info and ls programs are properly installed at
your site”, which it might not be; see below.

> And yet, all the info version is, is the same manual page, including
> the same boilerplate...

That's what ‘info’ does if there's not actually any info documentation
installed for the entry, but there is a manual page.

Some of the GNU documentation is only licensed under FDL, which is
(despite its name) a license that doesn't meet the FSF's own definition
of software freedom. For that reason, it tends not to be included in
some major free-software operating systems.

A damned shame, but a result of some members in the FSF trying to apply
different freedoms to different purposes.

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