How to compile on OS X PPC? was: Re: [RELEASED] Python 3.2

Irmen de Jong irmen at
Wed Feb 23 16:15:19 EST 2011

On 23-02-11 02:15, Ned Deily wrote:

> Unfortunately, this is a variation of an old issue that hasn't yet been
> fixed (  The simplest workaround is to
> include the --enable-universalsdk option to configure, so something like
> this:
> ./configure --enable-framework --enable-universalsdk=/

Thank you Ned! That did the trick.
I'm not entirely sure what that option does (it seemed to fail when not 
specifying it as '/', and '/' seems an odd location to set it to if it's 
meant to be a filesystem path), but hey, the compilation succeeded.

> Another solution is to use the 3.2 32-bit installer for Mac OS X from

Yep, maybe I should have. I just like to tinker around too much myself I 
suppose :-)

Thanks again.
Irmen de Jong

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