Python for embedded systems?

Paulito paulito at
Thu Feb 24 00:53:34 CET 2011

Apologies if this has been asked; I haven't yet Googled the archives.

>From a brief email conversation, Guido pointed me to this newsgroup to
ask the following questions:

"Is Python 'mature' enough to be considered the primary language for
embedded systems? Is the performance there for real-time applications
(eg avionics, real-time control systems) or is it still more suitable
" a glue language,  used to combine components written in C++" ?"

And further:
"Has anyone tried to shorten development time when porting code to a
new embedded hardware platform, by trying to convert legacy code (C/C+
+/Ada) to Python?"

I'm currently thinking that Python isn't there yet but certainly would
like to hear any feedback.

Your input is greatly appreciated; thanks!
- Paulito

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