Is this a safe use of eval?

Frank Millman frank at
Thu Feb 24 08:24:51 EST 2011

"Christian Heimes" <lists at> wrote
> Am 24.02.2011 10:01, schrieb Peter Otten:
>> How do you prevent that a malicious source sends you
>> my_string = 'calc_area(__import__("os").system("rm important_file") or 
>> 100,
>> 200)'
>> instead?
> By using something like
> . With
> a combination of AST inspection and restricted builtins you can create a
> restricted eval function that e.g. doesn't allow function calls, raising
> or excepting exceptions and prevents access to members with a leading _.

Thanks, Christian. I had a look at that recipe, but I must say that Paul's 
suggestion is much simpler -

   from ast import literal_eval
   method_name = 'calc_area'
   args = literal_eval('(100,200)')
   result = getattr(my_inst, method_name)(*args)

In my case the arguments are all strings or integers, so it looks as if this 
approach should be safe. Do you see any problem with it?


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