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Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Thu Feb 24 18:20:45 CET 2011

On Feb 24, 8:46 am, "aken8... at" <aken8... at> wrote:
> Thank you very much, it worked.
> I thought the PyDict_SetItem should assume ownership
> of the passed object and decrease it's reference count (I do not know
> why).
> Does this also go for the Lists ? Should anything inserted into list
> also
> be DECRED-ed ?

The Python C API documentation has this information--if a function is
documented as borrowing a reference, then it behaves as you were
expecting (it doesn't increase the reference count).  If it's
documented as creating a new reference, it does increase the reference

I don't know if there's a simple rule to know of a function borrows or
creates a new reference; I've never noticed one.

Carl Banks

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