Suggestion Reqd for Designing a Website in Python

joy99 subhakolkata1234 at
Fri Feb 25 15:36:03 CET 2011

On Feb 25, 12:36 pm, Tim Roberts <t... at> wrote:
> joy99 <subhakolkata1... at> wrote:
> >Dear Group,
> >I have developed one big Machine Learning software a Machine
> >Translation system in Python.
> >Now, I am thinking to make a User Interface of it and upload it in a
> >web site.
> Do you mean you want people to download this from a web site as an
> executable, and then run it locally on their computers?  Or do you mean you
> want people to use this as a web site, using their web browsers?  The
> answers are very different.
> >My questions are:
> >(i) For Designing an interface I am choosing Tkinter. Is it fine?
> >(ii) How to connect this interface with my Tkinter based interface -
> >should I have to recode the whole system?
> >(iii) After designing I want to upload now how to do the server side
> >scripting?
> Question (i) implies that you want the first option (download an executable
> and run it).  Question (iii) implies the second (that you want your app to
> run on a web server so people use it through your browser).  Please
> clarify.
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> Tim Roberts, t... at
> Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

Thank you for your kind reply.
I want to design an interface like Google Translate. So that users can
paste text (of any length)-or may browse files which can be uploaded,
and one user interface for filling up form, so that attached files
after translation may be sent back to the given e-mail id as an
attached file(.pdf/.txt).
Best Regards,

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