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MRAB python at
Thu Feb 24 12:46:29 EST 2011

On 24/02/2011 16:46, aken8062 at wrote:
> Thank you very much, it worked.
> I thought the PyDict_SetItem should assume ownership
> of the passed object and decrease it's reference count (I do not know
> why).
> Does this also go for the Lists ? Should anything inserted into list
> also
> be DECRED-ed ?
> Thank you again for reply.
The pattern is that calls which create an object will return that
object with a refcount of 1, and calls which 'store' an object, for
example, PyDict_SetItem(...) and PyList_Append(...) will increment the
refcount of the stored object to ensure that it won't be garbage

When in doubt, try stepping through the code in a debugger. You'll see
that storing an object will cause its refcount to be incremented.

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