Suggestion Reqd for Designing a Website in Python

Tim Roberts timr at
Fri Feb 25 02:36:36 EST 2011

joy99 <subhakolkata1234 at> wrote:
>Dear Group,
>I have developed one big Machine Learning software a Machine
>Translation system in Python.
>Now, I am thinking to make a User Interface of it and upload it in a
>web site.

Do you mean you want people to download this from a web site as an
executable, and then run it locally on their computers?  Or do you mean you
want people to use this as a web site, using their web browsers?  The
answers are very different.

>My questions are:
>(i) For Designing an interface I am choosing Tkinter. Is it fine?
>(ii) How to connect this interface with my Tkinter based interface -
>should I have to recode the whole system?
>(iii) After designing I want to upload now how to do the server side

Question (i) implies that you want the first option (download an executable
and run it).  Question (iii) implies the second (that you want your app to
run on a web server so people use it through your browser).  Please
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