text file

Siboniso Shangase sms.shangase at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 02:19:51 CEST 2011

i m very new to python and i need hepl plz!!

i want to type this data in a text file it the same the diffrence is
the number that only increase and i canot write this up myself since
it up to 5000 samples

Data\ja1.wav Data\ja1.mfc
Data\ja2.wav Data\ja2.mfc
Data\ja3.wav Data\ja3.mfc
Data\ja4.wav Data\ja4.mfc
Data\ja(n).wav Data\ja(n).mfc

Data\ma1.wav Data\ma1.mfc
Data\ma2.wav Data\ma2.mfc
Data\ma3.wav Data\ma3.mfc
Data\ma4.wav Data\ma4.mfc
Data\ma(n).wav Data\ma(n).mfc

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