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In <15d8f853-7c87-427b-8f21-e8537bde89fa at x12g2000yql.googlegroups.com> Siboniso Shangase <sms.shangase at gmail.com> writes:

> i want to type this data in a text file it the same the diffrence is
> the number that only increase and i canot write this up myself since
> it up to 5000 samples

> Data\ja1.wav Data\ja1.mfc
> .
> .
> Data\ja(n).wav Data\ja(n).mfc

> Data\ma1.wav Data\ma1.mfc
> .
> Data\ma(n).wav Data\ma(n).mfc

This is a simple python program to do what you want:

  samples = 5000
  for i in range(1, samples):
    print "Data\\ja%d.wav Data\\ja%d.mfc" % (i, i)
  for i in range(1, samples):
    print "Data\\ma%d.wav Data\\ma%d.mfc" % (i, i)

Replace the number 5000 with however many repetitions you want.  (The
loop will stop at one less than the number, so if you want 5000 exactly,
use 5001.)

Then run the program like this from your command line:

  python samples.py > textfile

And it will save the output in "textfile".

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