Is the Usenet to mailing list gateway borked?

Chris Rebert clp2 at
Fri Jul 1 05:57:37 CEST 2011

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 12:02 AM, Thomas Guettler <hv at> wrote:
> On 30.06.2011 03:24, Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn wrote:
>> Andrew Berg wrote:
>> Therefore, however, I can tell you that the mailing list to Usenet gateway
>> is seriously borked, as missing References header fields are not generated
>> by the gateway.  As a result, there are few if any threads left in the
>> newsgroup, which makes it an increasing PITA to read.  (And no, threading by
>> Subject is a stupid idea.)
>> Would someone responsible *please* fix this?  I am willing to provide
>> assistance, see also my suggestion in
>> <news:5337093.9J7NaK4W3v at>.
> Hi,
> Who is responsible?

I would assume those named in the footer of , for whom
python-list-owner at is given as a collective public contact

cmp(python-list, comp.lang.python) == ?

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