An ODBC interface for Python 3?

kozmikyak kozmikyak at
Fri Jul 1 18:27:07 CEST 2011

Does anyone here have a Python 3 environment that can access MSSQL
using SQLAlchemy, running on a Windows 7 box?  If so, I would like
some assistance making it happen.

The last post on this was mid-2010.  It was mentioned that pyodbc had
a Python 3 branch.  I've been unable to get it compiled and working on
Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit, even after applying patches mentioned in
one of the project's tracking issues.

Right now anyone forced to support Windows clients, Microsoft SQL, and
SQLAlchemy has no option if wanting to use Python 3.2.  Neither
pymssql or pyodbc compiles out-of-the-box for Python 3.2.  ceODBC
compiles and runs, but SQLAlchemy project has stated that it has no
desire to write yet another dialect supporting ceODBC for MSSQL.

I'm not mentioning this just to complain; I'm just stating it out in
the open so that it's known.  Indeed, even if one doesn't want to use
MSSQL, the only free ODBC interface I know of that works on Python 3
is ceODBC, and it is not supported by other modules such as

I'm wondering how I could best make something like this happen.  I've
written to the SQLAlchemy and pyodbc projects.  I have average Python
programming skills and have a Windows Python environment with C
compiler installed; perhaps if the authors respond I can assist.

If someone else has already figured out how to make this happen,
please let me know.

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