The end to all language wars and the great unity API to come!

rantingrick rantingrick at
Sun Jul 3 02:58:33 CEST 2011

Take Pidgin[1] as an example. Pidgin is a universal chat client. It's
a glue between the many chat clients that exist... It's a monkey patch
for chat multiplicity but you get the idea. However the Unity API
cannot be a monkey patch. It must be a mutual undertaking from the
beginning. Don't you people understand? Multiplicity is undermining
our future evolution.

Once when i was a very young lad (long before computers were
mainstream) i became terribly troubled by the fact that every
generation must spend roughly a quarter of it's lifetime just catching
up to the knowledge of the last generation. This fact does not seem
very troublesome at first glance, but lets create a microcosm...
<Tangential Meanderings>...what if you suffered from amnesia every
morning and you had to spend 1/4 of the day catching up to where you
were the day before? This would kill your productivity! But that is
not the point i am making here folks! <\back on track> The fact that
we constantly re-invent the wheel is a product of a very important
missing feature of most humans of which is devastating to our
evolution as intelligent agents.

[The Punchline]
Anyway, my solution to this collective "re-education" was the upload.
We could simply plug up, upload all former knowledge, and off we'd

[The Knockout]
However when i shared my solution with someone [unnamed] he laughed
and said: "But that would take the challenge out of life. Nothing
remaining to learn if you can just download it"... aghast with horror
i just shook my head. This person had no imagination!

[The Moral]
Stop being sheep and start the revolution people! Stop being slaves to
multiplicity and be the master of the singularity. Our future (or lack
thereof) is in YOUR hands!


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