The end to all language wars and the great unity API to come!

Gregory Ewing greg.ewing at
Sun Jul 3 06:06:28 CEST 2011

Chris Angelico wrote:

> Your proposed "Unity API" (which I assume has nothing to do with Natty
> Narwhal's preferred interface) already exists. It's the C language.

Or maybe GObject Introspection is closer to what you
have in mind?

A library that supports GI advertises enough information
about itself for dynamic languages such as Python and Ruby
to automatically construct fairly object-oriented interfaces.

It's not perfect, though; for example, the old PyGtk module
used to let you access most of what Gtk calls "properties"
using Python attribute access, but with GI you have to
call the get_property and set_property functions. Also
you often can't just call a class to construct an object,
but have to call a separate constructor function instead.


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