web hosting, first hand experiences?

Alan Harris-Reid aharrisreid at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 3 17:57:17 EDT 2011

On 19:59, Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
> Hi folks, I know this comes up regularly but the thing is that the
> quality of service changes also quite regularly with many of the
> hosting companies. What's currently the best option for shared hosting
> of a turbogears application? I'm thinking of dreamhost and webfaction
> does anyone have any recent experiences with these two? Or others?
> Cheers,
> Daniel

Hi Daniel,

I can wholeheartedly recommend WebFaction.  I currently have an account 
running 3 different CherryPy applications (so TurboGears shouldn't pose 
any problems), and apart from initial teething problems, they have been 
running for months without interruption.  As well as an excellent 
control panel, they give you full Linux command-line access to your 
site(s).  The level of support is as good as you will get anywhere 
(short of having experts with you in the office!), and they know a huge 
amount about Python web applications.  Nothing seems to be too much 
trouble for them.  They also provide a 60-day money-back guarantee, so 
you can try-before-you-buy.

Best wishes,
Alan Harris-Reid

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