web hosting, first hand experiences?

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 4 10:59:19 CEST 2011

>> Hi folks, I know this comes up regularly but the thing is that the
>> quality of service changes also quite regularly with many of the
>> hosting companies. What's currently the best option for shared hosting
>> of a turbogears application? I'm thinking of dreamhost and webfaction
>> does anyone have any recent experiences with these two? Or others?
>> Cheers,
>> Daniel
> Hi Daniel,
> I can wholeheartedly recommend WebFaction.  I currently have an account
> running 3 different CherryPy applications (so TurboGears shouldn't pose
> any problems), and apart from initial teething problems, they have been
> running for months without interruption.  As well as an excellent
> control panel, they give you full Linux command-line access to your
> site(s).  The level of support is as good as you will get anywhere
> (short of having experts with you in the office!), and they know a huge
> amount about Python web applications.  Nothing seems to be too much
> trouble for them.  They also provide a 60-day money-back guarantee, so
> you can try-before-you-buy.
> Best wishes,
> Alan Harris-Reid

Thanks for all the responses, based on the feedback I'll go with
webfaction I guess.
They were my first choice anyway but wanted to double check with
people in the know about their current situation.


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