Anyone want to critique this program?

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Mon Jul 4 18:37:22 CEST 2011

John Salerno wrote:

> On Jul 3, 1:06 pm, "OKB (not okblacke)"
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>> > Yeah, I considered that, but I just hate the way it looks when the
>> > line wraps around to the left margin. I wanted to line it all up
>> > under the opening quotation mark. The wrapping may not be as much
>> > of an issue when assigning a variable like this, but I especially
>> > don't like triple-quoted strings that wrap around inside function
>> > definitions. That seems to completely throw off the indentation. Do
>> > people still use triple-quotes in that situation? 
>>         I do, because I use an editor that intelligently indents 
>> wrapped text to the same indent level as the beginning of the line,
>> instead of wrapping it all the way back to the margin. 
> But isn't wrapped text something different than text that is purposely
> split across multiple lines with a newline character? That's usually
> the case when I need to split up a long string.

    	Well, what I'm saying is I use an editor that lets me make the 
lines as long as I want, and it still wraps them right, so I never 
explicitly hit enter to break a line except at the end of a string (or 

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