Implicit initialization is EVIL!

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Mon Jul 4 21:30:52 CEST 2011

On Jul 4, 12:41 pm, Chris Angelico <ros... at> wrote:

> For another example, look at where web browsers are going. By your
> description, one instance of a browser should work with precisely one
> "document" (which in this case would be a web page). That's how
> browsers were in the early days, but by the early 2000s most browsers
> had some form of tabs, letting you keep that application in one
> window.

Umm, if you want to see where things are "going" you should learn
about the inner workings of chrome which actually spawns a new process
for every tab created; which has the benefit of avoiding application
lock up when one page decides to crash.

> I currently have precisely two slots in mindspace for web browsers:
> Chrome and Firefox. Chrome currently has about a dozen tabs up;
> Firefox about the same, but most of them are long-term status reports
> that I keep handy. If I had to have 20-30 separate windows, I would
> not be able to use alt-tab to find the one I want, but would have to
> use some other kind of "window picker". How would you write a
> user-friendly picker that can cope with myriad instances of
> everything?

psst: it's called a notebook in GUI jargon. Again, study up on chrome

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