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Mon Jul 4 22:26:53 EDT 2011

On 01/-10/-28163 02:59 PM, amir chaouki wrote:
> the problem is when i use the seek function on windows it gives me
> false results other then the results on *ux. the file that i work with
> are very large about 10mb.

If you still care about this problem, you should take some of the other 
suggestions to heart;  post some code, state what you expected, and what 
actually happened, and how they're different.

But my crystal ball says you're trying to do a seek on a text file, 
which has restrictions.  Once you've called it a text file, you're 
telling the system to translate cr/lf pairs into lf, which changes the 
apparent size.  So seek has no way to reproduce what reading lines does.

To quote the docs at :
"If the file is opened in text mode (without 'b'), only offsets returned 
by tell() <> are 
legal. Use of other offsets causes undefined behavior."

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