The end to all language wars and the great unity API to come!

alex23 wuwei23 at
Mon Jul 4 22:31:01 EDT 2011

rantingrick <rantingr... at> wrote:
> I believe (unlike most people) that nature is striving for perfection

Your belief is wrong. "Nature" doesn't "strive" for _anything_. Things
in the world are either fit enough to continue their existence or not.
As circumstances change, some things that were once suitably fit for
the environment are no longer so and are replaced. Same with ideas.
There is no "perfection", there is only "what works best now".

> What do you think will be the eventual outcome of the human existence
> Alex? Since you have no imagination i will tell you, a singular
> intelligence.

Firstly: cite some kind of evidence that this "will be the eventual
outcome" or admit you're talking shit.

Secondly: I can imagine humanity evolving into a great many things and
something as limited as a 'botnet' is certainly nothing to be proud of
as a species.

> It is selflessness on a grand scale.

I don't really know if you're a troll, have no self-reflective
capability, delusionally believe what you're spouting, or are on or
off medication, but sometimes your hypocrisy is just funny as hell.

>> Because the people who ACTUALLY WROTE THE LANGUAGES wanted to explore
>> different implementations.
> Why can they not explore within the hive mind? Why must they hide
> their explorations from the greater group. SELFISHNESS

You mean like how Guido hid the Python code base and never let anyone
else touch or influence it in any way?

Rick, you remind me a lot of Bill Hicks yelling, "You are free to do
as we tell you! YOU ARE FREE TO DO AS WE TELL YOU!!" Using terms like
"hive mind" kinda shows that I'm wasting my time pushing the value of
diversity to you.

> * What syntax is most widely intuitive?
> * What semantics are the best for productivity?

You're inability to recognise the importance of the context in which a
language is used explains your misguided position a lot.

What if a particular language syntax is the best fit for the way 52%
of the population think? What about the other 48%? What if it's a
80/20 split? 90/10? 99/1? At what point are you prepared to sacrifice
the needs and best interests of others for your quest for mythical

No need to answer that last one, we already know the answer: from the
very beginning.

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