Not able to store data to dictionary because of memory limitation

Rama Rao Polneni ramp99 at
Wed Jul 6 09:49:36 CEST 2011

Hi All,

I am facing a problem when I am storing cursor fetched(Oracle 10G)
data in to a dictionary.
As I don't have option to manipulate data in oracle10G, I had to stick
to python to parse the data for some metrics.

After storing 1.99 GB data in to the dictionary, python stopped to
store the remaining data in to dictionary.

Memory utilization is 26 GB/34GB. That means, still lot memory is left
as unutilized.

Can please share your experices/ideas to resolve this issue.
Is this prople mbecasue of large memory utlization.
Is there any alternate solution to resolve this issue. Like splitting
the dictionaries or writing the data to hard disk instead of writing
to memory.
How efficiently we can use  memory when we are going for dictionaries.

Thanks in advacne,

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