Does hashlib support a file mode?

Ethan Furman ethan at
Wed Jul 6 16:24:31 EDT 2011

Phlip wrote:
>> On 2011.07.06 12:38 PM, Phlip wrote:
>>> Python sucks. m = md5() looks like an initial assignment, not a
>>> special magic storage mode. Principle of least surprise fail, and
>>> principle of most helpful default behavior fail.
> If I call m = md5() twice, I expect two objects.

You didn't call md5 twice -- you called it once when you defined the 

Phlips naive code:
def file_to_hash(path, m = hashlib.md5()):
                         happens once, when
                         def line is executed

If you want separate md5 objects, don't create just one when you create 
the function, create one inside the function:

def file_to_hash(path, m = None):
     if m is None:
         m = hashlib.md5()

You should try the Principle of Learning the Language.


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