making socket.getaddrinfo use cached dns

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Thu Jul 7 14:18:18 EDT 2011

I use cached dns lookups with pdnsd on my ubuntu machine to speed up web
access as regular lookups can take 15-30 seconds. However, python's
mechanize and urllib etc use socket.getaddrinfo, which seems not to be using
dns cacheing or taking a long time because of ipv6 lookups. In either case,
I subsequent access to the same site to be fast and not require lengthy
calls to getaddrinfo. How can I get python to correctly use cached dns
lookups and ipv4 only (at least in those cases where it is appropriate).

As mentioned here:
It seems that many python libraries are hardcoded to look for both ipv6 and
ipv4. Since ipv6 lookups are extremely slow at least for some users, perhaps
the devs should carry over these optional arguments to higher level
libraries like mechanize, urllib, httplib etc.
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